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boron carbide water blasting nozzle

Product Keyword: abrasive blasting nozzle

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: SAHY
Model number: 002
Machine Type: High Pressure Cleaner
Cleaning Type: High Pressure Cleaner
Fuel: Electric
Feature: Rust / Corrosion Inhibitor
Certification: UR

Min. Order: 5 Piece(s)
FOB Price: USD 5 - 20 / Piece
Port: dalian
Production Capacity: 1000 Piece per Month
Delivery Time: 15 days
Packaging Details:
carton or according to the customer need

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Short Description

the water blasting nozzles can be equiped on blasting machine for surface cleaning and remove dust.with high corrosion resistance and hardness bororn carbide material.

Detailed Description

   The WIN (Water Induction Nozzle) System is a simple patented solution for high production, wet abrasive blasting that can be used with your existing pressure blast equipment. The system can be used with water from a tap or with rust inhibitors introduced through any simple pump. No special equipment is required.
   The WIN System offers the highest performance possible in wet abrasive blasting technology.
   There are five sizes of WIN System nozzles available, with either metric or American threads. All of these nozzles use a standard 1" I.D. blast hose and all can be used as a wet or dry blast nozzle. Water consumption with these nozzles is much less than with other wet blast systems, only 3/4 to 6 quarts per minute depending on the level of dust suppression desired. All brass outer construction with tungsten liner.

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